Boom Legend – A Monster Shooting Game

Boom Legend is a fishing themed-game and one of the most attractive games today with an exciting gameplay. Set in a mystical world when the creatures you need to defeat is Monsters in the fantasy world, you will become the great monster slayer in a shooting version. This game gives several features to help players to receive bonuses quickly. Boom Legend is created in a set of battle scene and you can beat monsters as many as you want.

Boom legend intro

Game Interface 

  • Treasure Chest: You’ll earn treasure map once you defeat cyclops and when you collect 10 treasure maps, you’ll receive golden Treasure Chest.
  • Menu/Rebates: Settings and Rewards
  • Hammer: Used to summon the lightning strike.
  • Axe: It has powerful attack.
  • Aim: Targets a specific types of Boom Legend monster.
  • Auto: Auto target your chosen monsters.

Boom Legend Special Monsters

Goblin Bomber

It will drop a bomb once you defeat it and when the bomb explodes, monsters around it may pushed back.


The Eye of Medusa will appear once you defeat her, the monsters on its zone will be damaged.

Black Knight

To kill the black knight, you need to use Blade Aura to attack  and damage its zone.

Special Weapons

Rocket Punch

Fist will fly upwards from your position to push back all the monsters in its patch.


It is placed anywhere on the map and it can damage monsters in large area when it explodes.

Mystery Chest

Open a Boom Legend Mystery Box to receive Rocket Punch or Mines.

Lightning Spear

  • You can filled up the energy bar by shooting monsters and you may activate lightning spear to damage a large area at the center of the screen.
  • The amount of energy gained depends to the size of the bets placed in the game.  
  • If you disconnected in the game for 3 minutes, all your gained in energy bar will become cleared.
  • Lightning Spear will automatically triggered if the energy bar has been fully charged.
Boom legend outro

The Dreadfreaks

The monsters you killed can reanimate into Dreadfreaks.  Killing Dreadfreaks can give you greater rewards for a maximum of 2x odds.


By defeating the Cyclops, you can have 5x of the basic odds and you’ll also received treasure maps.

Golden Demons

By killing Golden Demons you will gain a Treasure Chest and it can grant you an additional 2X odds, and Gold Treasure Chests will grant you an additional 6X odds.

Bonus Demon

Kill the Crocodile to gain the prizes indicated in the table. The larger your bet, the more bonus will be at the end of the bonus range.

Giant Octopus

1. Continuous attack on Octopus Heads & Arms will generate Rage Points.
2. Shooting a Furious Octopus will bring better prizes and a max multiplier is 800X.


Boom Legend is an exciting game in online casino sites. You just have to familiarize the rules and its mechanics to win bigger prizes. By defeating monsters, you will feel that you’re on a battlefield with awesomeness. You must play at a trusted and reputable casinos such as 2ezbet and otso casino to have fair gameplay. Gambling responsibly is also recommended to prevent the possible outcomes of being not in control in betting.