Mega Fishing – Guides On How To Play This Arcade and Fishing Game

Mega Fishing is one of the online casino game  that will allow you to explore an underwater battles with the sea creatures. It has different tools for fishing to have a better gaming experience while earning real money. Mega Fishing is also known for online shooting game that has similarity to other arcade fishing game like Jackpot Fishing. Mega Octopus is the final boss that will bring the golden lucky wheel and it can give big prizes. 27 kinds of sea creatures and effects is at this game such as explosion bomb crabs.

Mega Fishing Game Playing Room

The 3 levels to choose:

  • Bet for Newbie Room: 0.1-10 (suggested only).
  • Bet for Honor Room: 1-100 (High rewards).
  • Bet for Joy Room: 0.1-50 (Most Popular).



It’s a special weapon in this fishing game that will give 15X of your bet amount after killing a fish. Chain lightning will activate when you defeat the Drill Crab, you can get the maximum multiplier.


It is also a special weapon, firing using torpedoes can give you 6X of your bet amount after killing the fish.


When the Giant Crocodile is killed there will be awakening effect if it kills a lot of fish then you’ll get greater rewards.


When you killed the Octopus, you can spin the lucky wheel and you’ll gain multiplier when the wheel stops spinning. If your luck lands on the Golden Wheel, you’ll have the chance to spin it to win the 950x multiplier.

Mega Fishing Special Fish

Starfish Starfish

It creates whirlpool itself when it dies and can kill fish inside around it.

Bomb Crab

When it dies, it will throws 3 bombs with a chance to kill fish caught in the explosions.

Drill Crab

Upon its death, it will drops an aimable drill that bounce around and explode at the end, with a chance to kill fish around it.


Mega Fishing is a serious arcade game in online casino sites but it can give you a high payouts when you familiarize the rules and its mechanics.  You’ll feel the battle with opponents while shooting the fish, special fish and the bosses. It is suggested that you play at a trusted and reputable casinos such as 2ezbet and otso casino to have fair gameplay. Gambling responsibly is also recommended to players to prevent the possible outcomes of being not in control in betting.