Golden Bank – The Slot Game and its Winning Combination

Golden Bank Slot Machine is an online casino game by JILI. It is created with 3 reels and 1 payline. This game featured a fun visual elements like big icons in different colors, white reels, golden lines between them, a paytable above the reels, and a view of a secure vault in the background.


Golden Bank slot game has simple playing style but there’s no difference to other slot machine games. To win in this game, the 3 identical symbols should be arrange at the payline.


When the reel stop, bet line wins if it starts from left to right according to pay-table.
One way to win only.
If there’s a malfunction that causes outcomes to the game, it is considered invalid.

Bet and Payline

This would help the players to understand how to manage your bets and to maximize their chances of winning.


It is the key to know the game symbols and the payouts. The 7 symbols in this game has different values.

System Setting

Players can explore the system setting to personalize the gaming experience. You can also customize the sound, graphics and other preferences to enhance your gameplay.

Bet Adjustment

You should learn to control your wagering and adjust your bets to optimize your chances of winning.


Golden Bank slot game has 10 spin when autoplay is enabled.

Set Paylines

This kind of slot game is offering only one single payline.

Golden Bank outro

Spinning the Reels

First, decide how much you want to bet before you place it then spin the reels until you got the winning combinations.

Wild Symbol

This is the hard to get symbol in Golden Bank but if it lands on you, it can substitute all regular symbols on the reels that can close you to the winning combinations.When the Wild Symbol contributes to the winning combinations, your rewards can be multiplied by 2x, 3x, or even 5x.

Scatter and Free Game

Golden Bank slot machine is featuring a scatter symbol and free game rounds. All you need to do is land 3 BONUS icons on the payline, after that you’ll get 10 free spins and win big prizes for it.


Golden Bank is a fun and exciting slot game in online casinos and many player are enjoying to play this game while earning or winning real money. All have to do is familiarize its rules and mechanics to win big prizes. Also gambling responsibly is recommended to prevent the possible outcomes of being not in control in betting. So, you must play at a trusted and reputable casinos online such as 2ezbet and otso casino to have fair gameplay.