Poker Basics and Winning Card Combinations

Poker is a popular card game played with assorted cards in numerous variations where players compete to have the best hand against one another, which is based on card values and pairings. Players build the best hand and using tactics like bluffing other players from focusing on the round.

We don’t know yet where poker started, but it became very popular in 1970s when they created and called it the World Series of Poker. Now, Poker is a famous casino game played in person and online all around the world. This cardgame needs both luck and strategy based on what the dealer decides to reveal next. Even if you have nothing in your hand, the fun of playing poker comes in bluffing other players at your table. That’s when having a poker face and it can turn a losing hand into a winning one.

How To Play Online Poker Games

We will now discuss on how to play poker online. We will base our steps in common variants that can be played for free or a cash game and has a good game to base. Before you start playing poker online be sure to check any specific rules as well as any guides and you must play in trusted online casinos such as Okada casino. Take note that online poker and actual poker games are played exactly the same way. The rules will be the same for both versions. These are the general rules of how to play poker and poker basics.

Place your bets

Before any cards are put down, players will bet their money in the first round of betting. These bets are either equal amounts of money from everyone or smaller and larger bets placed by players next to the dealer.

Receive cards

Now, each player will get two face-down cards just like in Okada Manila. They all have to make a choice: check, bet or fold at this point. If a player makes a bet, all the other players have to call or make same money amount.

Community cards

When the betting round is done, we get three shared cards. These are called the flop. Players will get another chance to bet as they’ll know better which kind of hand they have.

The turn

The last community card is dealt, and this is called the turn. This card helps players make a better hand. A second chance to bet happens.

The river

The fifth and last shared card is given, called the river now. Now, players can look at how strong their final hand is. The last round of betting will happen.
The winner is revealed: all players’ cards will be shown. The person with the best hand will win at poker the same.

Winning Card Combinations by Rank

These are the 10 winning combinations in poker.

  • Royal Flush – A, J, Q, K and 10 that are all in the same suit.
  • Ace High — The highest card in any game.
  • Four of the Same Rank – Four cards that have same value.
  • Full House – A mix of three cards from the same rank and two different ranks.
  • Same suit – A set of cards with the same mark.
  • Straight – A hand with cards in order by numbers.
  • A set of three – A collection with three cards having the same rank.
  • Two Pairs – A hand that has two sets of cards with the same value.
  • Pair – Two cards of the same value in a hand are called a pair.
  • Bad Hand – In card games like poker, the worst hand you can get. It’s the best card you can use.


Poker games online is thrilling and will take the players into a roller coaster ride of
Winning, losing, get upset but also feel good and share friendships just like in other gambling sites such as 2ezbet and Okada. The ease, many options and strong feelings they give makes them very attractive choice for poker players all over the world.