GEM PARTY – The Colorful Slot Game

Gem Party is an online slot provided by JILI. This is a simple game so you can win big prizes by familiarizing its rules and strategies.It is fun and exciting because of its cute icons. There are many slot games in casino sites but this one has unique mechanics. You can play it without opponents, all you need is an internet connection in your mobile devices or laptop.

Gem Party intro

Ways To Win Big Prizes in Gem Party

There’s a way to upgrade the grids in Gem Party slot machine for a chance to win more prizes in this game. The icons that you need to collect is balls and it’ll appear while the reel is spinning. You just have to wait for it.

  • Blue Ball – Player needs to collect 10 blue balls to upgrade the 6×6 grid. The red ball will be the next task when you complete the needed balls.
  • Red Ball – The requirements for 7×7 grid is same as the blue balls need. Once it is completed, the next task would be the rainbow ball.
  • Rainbow Ball – Player needs only 1 rainbow ball to lands on the reel, it will bring lightning to the reel that can trigger winning combinations.
  • 3 Hearts – When 3 cute icon hearts lands on the reel, the 10 free game will be activated and it can bring big prizes.


Gem Party slot game has an exciting gameplay. It has the cutest icons compared to other casino slot machine. The rules and mechanics are easy to learn but you need to control and keep in mind that you are playing with real money. Even if is it the cutest slot game you must be aware of the possible outcomes if you didn’t control your betting. You must choose to play at a trusted and reputable casinos online such as 2ezbet and otso casino to have fair gameplay.