Twin Wins – A Simple Slot Game To Win Real Money

Twin Wins is one of the online casino slot game that has an exciting mechanics to win real money. Start the game by hitting SPIN and a chance to trigger a special play that can gives you bigger prizes. The winning combinations are indicated in these article for you to familiarize on how to win in this game. This game doesn’t cost much and you can play it without opponents.

How To Play Twin Wins Slot Game

  • This game has 5 reels and 3 row.
  • When its 3 symbols aligned from left to right you will win the grand prize.
  • Spin the reels for a chance to trigger special play 
  • There’s a chance to expand on the reels the winning combinations to three, four or five in one stop.

Wild Symbol

It is a Diamond Silver that has the word Wild below. It can substitute the Wild symbol to any symbol. This symbol will help you win more easily and it allows you to win Super Mega Win  which will appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Symbol Number 7

The Twin Wins slot game features the highest payout symbol, it is the number 7, which rewards 60, 90 and 135 times your stake. When this symbol is obtained 3, 4 and 5 respectively in the reels, it’ll gives you the highest prize out of 11 symbols but special symbols are excluded.

BAR Symbol

This BAR symbol is the one that gives a high odds. It is the 2nd to highest with ranging from 45 to 108 times. 

Bell Symbol

This is Twin Wins Golden Symbol. This is the 3rd to highest odds, with the original odds from 30 to 96 times. 

Twin Win – Special Pocket Mode

  • Begin by a normal game and each round can gives you the chance to trigger the special pocket mode.
  • When spinning stops, any of the two wheels could result in the same arrangement.
  • In addition to the two wheels that can trigger the special game, there is a chance to expand the game to any 3, 4, or 5 wheel results.
  • In different spins, the more identical symbols array
  • The more identical symbols array on different spins, the easier you can win and you’ll have a chance to win full Reel prize too.


Twin Win is fun and exciting game in online casino sites. You just have to familiarize the rules and its mechanics to win bigger prizes. This is a simple slot game so you must play at a trusted and reputable casinos such as 2ezbet and otso casino to have fair gameplay. Gambling responsibly is also recommended to prevent the possible outcomes of being not in control in betting.