Esports – Effects, Benefits and Ways to Bet

Esports, or electronic sports, means playing video games in a competitive way. In esports, you usually play games with others in tournaments or leagues. People try to win a prize or award by beating their opponents. Gaming can include lots of games like real-time strategy ones, racing ones, sports copies and first-person shooters. In recent years, the popularity of esport has grown a lot. Nowadays there are many professional players and teams playing in big competitions all around the world. Millions of people enjoy watching games live online too!


History of Esports

Competitive gaming as we know it today is not too old, but it started a long time ago from the days of Pong. Esports started in 1972, when home consoles became more popular. In 1980, the first Space Invaders game with thousands of people all over America was held. A year after that, players played in the surprising very fierce first ever Donkey Kong competition. In the 1990s, competitions and tournaments like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat got more famous.These made way for popular series including Starcraft, Warcraft, Overwatch & Call of Duty along with Halo ones too! In 1998, the big Starcraft 2 computer game had over 50 million people watching it online. Out of those, around 17 million took part by using Twitch platform.

The Positive Effect in Society

It can boost teamwork and collaboration. Esports are games played by many people together just like in Okada Casino, usually needing them to cooperate and talk well so they can reach a shared target. This makes people work together more, which improves teamwork skills. Those can be used in school projects, jobs and community activities later on. This feeling of friendship and working together can spread to everyone, making people with different backgrounds work better as a team.

Different betting options


Betting with real money on esports games is the easiest way to bet most likely at Okada Manila, just like normal sports betting. You just need to choose the event or game you want, pick your type of bet and match for it.  


These cater to your favorite video game competitions. It works the same way, you first select your sports players and esports teams based on how well you think they might do. You get points or money for how you play in online games. This could be winning a game, finishing a tournament or doing something set before starting to play the game. In the fantasy betting world, one of the first and still top notch is DraftKings


Betting on streamers at esports websites like Unikrn means making bets on specific parts of a player’s game while they are streaming from Twitch or other video sharing sites.


With a site like Puntt, in pool betting everyone’s bets on the same market are added together. The total amount minus any cost is then shared out among those who won.


In social betting, you make bets with a team on the results of games. Betting games are like this, they only have two people playing and one is challenging the other.


What are the advantages of playing Esports?

  • Problem solving skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Time management
  • Enhanced socialization
  • Improved cognitive abilities
  • Skill Development
  • Eyesight
  • Cognition
  • Esports promotes teamwork
  • Social interaction
  • Helps in socializing
  • Building community
  • Critical thinking
  • Focus and concentration


Esports is getting very popular, with more and more people watching. As this keeps happening we’ll see even bigger tournaments for competition. What began with little contests where the prize was some cash and ten seconds of attention, has grown into a well-arranged place that is tough to win.

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