Roulette – Tips and Strategies to Win

Roulette is a gambling game that players enjoyed and found exciting. It is played around the world because the rules are basic and easy to understand. But it has a shocking amount of depth for serious bettors and using the right approach can pay off in a big way. Before you put all your money on black, read this quick and easy guide to the game. If you want to know where to put your chips at the table and what to do with your wins, stay with us.

You have to guess where the ball will land in the wheel. At roulette, bets are made by putting chips on the table. The color of your chip shows what you’re playing on.


The best ways to play roulette are:

The D’Alembert approach

It’s easy to understand and only works on even bets, like red or black. Pick a certain amount of money to use as a unit before you start playing. Should you win, the next bet should be one unit less, and if you lose, it should be one unit more.

The Martingale method

When you play roulette, use the Martingale method to make outside bets that have equal odds. This is best way for this system. The best choice is to bet on red or black in roulette table. Other low-risk options is betting on odd, even and selecting numbers from 1-18 or 19-36. These bets have chances of 1:1. Still, there’s a bit of danger involved.
One issue with the Martingale is that it raises your bet fast if you lose many times in a row. If you wager an equal amount, there’s a risk of losing everything and not getting it back. You can also put a lot of money and only get back little.

How to play Labouchere

Step 1: First you need to know how much you want to win.
Step 2: Put your numbers together. Take the number that is too far to the left and the number that is too far to the right from the series.
Step 3: Bet and do the second step again.
Step 4: Keep going until you win.

The Fibonacci method for betting

When you play roulette, the Fibonacci betting method is safer than other systems. Here, the bet goes up more slowly, but there is still some room for winning runs to make more money.


Things that change how roulette tactics work

1. Limits on bets

Before you pick a plan, make sure it works with the amount of money you can bet in roulette. Some progressive systems may need bigger maximum bets that can’t be made.

2. Type of game

Any kind of roulette game can have a big effect on how you play. When you play roulette, you should only use wheels with one zero, like those used in European or French roulette. They do not have a 00 pocket and have a house edge that is much smaller than American roulette. This might help you with your plan sometimes. For instance, the Andrucci approach calls for writing down the numbers that appear most often. In European and French roulette, there is one less 0 to worry about.

3. Pick a bet

For each strategy, you’ll need a different type of bet with a different reward. For instance, a roulette approach that depends on even money bets will likely have smaller wins more often. A roulette approach that depends more on inside bets, on the other hand, is riskier but could lead to much bigger wins. Choose a roulette plan that fits the way you play and the amount of money you have.

Learn how to deal losing at roulette and avoid common mistakes

Always remember that roulette is game of luck, not skill. You have to accept losing and regretting when playing roulette. Here are the advice if you lose and don’t know what to do:

  • Stick to small bets and don’t make too many bets with low odds at once if luck isn’t on your side.
  • Check out different roulette betting methods to find new ways to keep your money in order.
  • You can avoid spending too much if you set a limit for yourself.
  • You can limit how much you can spend at many online casinos.Don’t bet more than you can afford. If you do this, any losses won’t hurt you too much or put you in a dangerous position.


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